10. David Wilkie and Isabel Dryburgh

David Wilkie, the eldest son of William Wilkie and Janet Glen, was born on 17 November 1816 at Pollockshaws. We have just discussed the work of his younger sisters in the weaving mills of Glasgow.

On 17 July 1842, at the age of twenty-six, David married Isabel Dryburgh in Glasgow. They subsequently had at least three girls, Margaret Nimmo Wilkie , who was born on 9 June 1842, Janet Glen Wilkie, born on 10 September 1845, and Isabella Wilkie, born on 12 January 1847.

Something must have happened to David and Isabel, for by the time of the Census in 1851 both children were living with their Grandmother, Janet Wilkie, and their uncles and aunts, at 22 James Street, Calton .

From 1859 Margaret lived with her uncle William Wilkie the Second at 8 William Street, Calton . In 1861, aged eighteen, she was working as a domestic servant .
Janet later married John Tennent at Bridgeton on 5 September 1871.


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