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Other Official Documents

Birth Certificates:
William Wilkie, 22 April 1860, 8 William Street (Greenhead), Calton, 644 4/529;
Ebenezer Wilkie, 24 January 1862, 8 William Street (Greenhead), Calton, 644 4/182:
William Wilkie, 13 July 1863, 8 William Street, Greenhead, Calton, 644 4/873
Mary Walker Wilkie, 12 August 1865, 68 Canning Street, Bridgeton, 644 4/1358
Ebenezer Wilkie, 6 December 1867, 68 Canning Street, Bridgeton, 644 3/2076
Janet Glen Wilkie, 20 January 1872, 101 Greenhead, Bridgeton, 644 3/201
Conal Alexander Wilkie, 29 November 1869, 101 Greenhead Street, Bridgeton, 644 3/2213
John McKinlay Wilkie, 2 August 1875, 101 Greenhead Street, Calton, 644 4/1031
Alexander James Gilmour Wilkie, 30 May 1882, 101 Greenhead Street, Calton, 644 4/649
Death Certificates:
John Wilkie, 7 March 1863, 22 James Street, Calton, 644 4/207;
William Wilkie, aged 3, 16 February 1863, 8 William Street (Greenhead), Calton, 644 4/143;
Ebenezer Wilkie, aged 3 months, 9 May 1862, 8 William Street (Greenhead), Calton, 644 4/416
Isabella Wilkie, 27 December 1855, 136 Great Hamilton Street, Calton, Glasgow, 644 4/2
Janet Wilkie, 1 November 1859, 22 James Street, Calton, Glasgow, 644 4/854
Ebenezer Wilkie, 23 March 1871, 101 Greenhead Street, Bridgeton, 644 3/509
Marriage Certificates:
William Wilkie/Isabella Mackay, 17 August 1855, Killin, Perth, 361/13, Church of Scotland
William Wilkie/Janet Walker MacKinlay, 9 June 1959, 64 South Wellington Street, Hutchesontown, Glasgow, 644 10/98, United Presbyterian Church

Private letters and documents

A large number of private letters and documents have been used. These were mainly in the possession of Mrs Joyce Wilkie at the time of writing.

This Bibliography does not include a multitude of personal documentary evidence such as personal letters, employment documents, and similar material.